Friday, 21 January 2011

Roll on spring....

You may of noticed i've not blogged for quite a while i'm a bit rubbish I know.  I wanted to share with you a few things i've been working on over the last few days. Firstly how gorgeous is this yellow rose just what you need in January a bit of colour on these dark short days come on spring....
This week i've had some very exciting news!! I will reveal more in a few weeks sorry!! The only clue is its a little step on a big ladder, that I have to climb to get you known out there!!

I've started tweeting yay!! @elfcreates think im getting the hang of it but think you could get addicted!!
My blogs are nothing spectacular just a little update with a few lovely pictures. Im still finding my feet with all this technology haha!! I'm sure one day ill write something amazing and thought provoking but for now i'll leave you with a few pictures of my new creations.



  1. It's great you've started on the blogging/twittering road Jo! Your work is gorgeous, am loving the egg cosies! have a good weekend xxx

  2. Your creations are gorgeous Jo, good luck with your climb up the ladder... I'm not even on the first rung yet! lol
    As for blogging... I think I beat you on the rubbishness stakes! I really should update at least once a week but I never think I've got anything interesting to say! One day...!
    Take care, love, R x