Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Giveaway THE WINNER IS...........

Wow thank you to everyone that joined in and what lovely comments you all left. Its encouraged me to keep my blog more up to date, i'm a bit rubbish at these things tehehe.

Well the giveaway is closed i've just wrote and folded 36 comments and my lovely assistant Mr ELf has just drawn the 2 lucky winners..

The winners are Ann Collins Origami brooch and Jenny Arnott bunting kilt pin. Well done ladies and so sorry to everyone else if i had some time id make you all a bit of something. A bonus is I will be having another giveaway at 2000 facebook likes.

Hasn't it been a lovely day its normally cold in Buxton but today its been so nice to feel the warmth of the sun. It inspired me to make lots of spring goodies. Most of these are going off to a new supplier whose shop, Shy Violet, just looks gorgeous, i'm sure Elf wares will fit in really well there.

Very busy at the mo also trying to make for the shopping weekend at The Dome in Buxton 16th 17th April. Hopefully i will have lots of lovely stock including my new love toadstools!! The shapes and colours are so vibrant. I've even bought a toadstool cruet set hahaha. I always thought that the bright red toadstools were just found in fairytales.  Until recently when a recent trip to the new forest proved me wrong, the fields were full of great big bright red toadstools it was just like a scene out of Alice in wonderland. Oh well i'll get on and leave you with a few pictures.

Hope the sun continues with everyone. Have a gorgeous week and many thanks again.


Friday, 1 April 2011


What an amazing week Elf has had!!! Got to over a 1000 fans on facebook. Thank you to everyone who helped and welcome to all my new fans. Thought id share with you how Elf began.
I started as a senior staff nurse on a busy surgical ward arrr!! Very stressful and rewarding but when it starts to effect your health it became to much.  We decided it was time to have a sister/brother for my oldest daughter the shock of our lives was just around the corner..... It was twins hahaha!! Id never even considered it, bit silly really as my Grandma had 4 sets!!! The girls arrived safely and are all gorgeous but i'm biased!! We are so lucky.
Anyway how did Elf start  I decided to take a 5 year career break from nursing to spend some time with my young family. With the pressure gone from my nursing career I decided to try some new crafts. I've always been quite crafty enjoyed painting and tried various arty things over the years. I then went on a felt making course and became addicted!!!!
I love how you can make so many different things with it from tea cosys, bags to jewellery. My favourite element is needle felting its so clever how you can go from wool to a little sculpture. Gerty was made like this above.

I've got so many ideas for little characters but the problem with felting is the length of time it takes to create.  Thats when my second addiction started fabric!!! The mix of felt and fabrics really complement each other. Mr Elf treated me to a fandangle sewing machine with freestyle attachment this has opened another element to Elf, from stitched tea towels, pictures to little badges.
The twins started school in January, where did that time go.. It was time to decide ELF or nursing it wasnt a difficult decision as I love creating. I've had so much support from everyone I thought what've I got to lose. So here I am, busy as a little bee with quite a few stockists and all you lovely people following and supporting me. My new career its quite daunting considering present climate but im going to go for it and if it doesnt work out then i've tried my best and ive got nursing to fall back on. I do keep saying what recession i keep spending tehehe and hopefully everyone else will to.......

Right as a  little celebration i think we need a giveaway. You dont need to do anything just post your name underneath.  I've decided to do 2 giveaways the first is one of my best sellers an Origami brooch and the second is a bunting kilt pin these seem to have gone down very well on facebook. I will draw the lucky winners out on weds 6th april.

Thank you all so much again for following hope i've not bored you to much tehehe!! Have a lovely weekend and good luck!!!!

Jo xx

Friday, 21 January 2011

Roll on spring....

You may of noticed i've not blogged for quite a while i'm a bit rubbish I know.  I wanted to share with you a few things i've been working on over the last few days. Firstly how gorgeous is this yellow rose just what you need in January a bit of colour on these dark short days come on spring....
This week i've had some very exciting news!! I will reveal more in a few weeks sorry!! The only clue is its a little step on a big ladder, that I have to climb to get you known out there!!

I've started tweeting yay!! @elfcreates think im getting the hang of it but think you could get addicted!!
My blogs are nothing spectacular just a little update with a few lovely pictures. Im still finding my feet with all this technology haha!! I'm sure one day ill write something amazing and thought provoking but for now i'll leave you with a few pictures of my new creations.