Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Giveaway THE WINNER IS...........

Wow thank you to everyone that joined in and what lovely comments you all left. Its encouraged me to keep my blog more up to date, i'm a bit rubbish at these things tehehe.

Well the giveaway is closed i've just wrote and folded 36 comments and my lovely assistant Mr ELf has just drawn the 2 lucky winners..

The winners are Ann Collins Origami brooch and Jenny Arnott bunting kilt pin. Well done ladies and so sorry to everyone else if i had some time id make you all a bit of something. A bonus is I will be having another giveaway at 2000 facebook likes.

Hasn't it been a lovely day its normally cold in Buxton but today its been so nice to feel the warmth of the sun. It inspired me to make lots of spring goodies. Most of these are going off to a new supplier whose shop, Shy Violet, just looks gorgeous, i'm sure Elf wares will fit in really well there.

Very busy at the mo also trying to make for the shopping weekend at The Dome in Buxton 16th 17th April. Hopefully i will have lots of lovely stock including my new love toadstools!! The shapes and colours are so vibrant. I've even bought a toadstool cruet set hahaha. I always thought that the bright red toadstools were just found in fairytales.  Until recently when a recent trip to the new forest proved me wrong, the fields were full of great big bright red toadstools it was just like a scene out of Alice in wonderland. Oh well i'll get on and leave you with a few pictures.

Hope the sun continues with everyone. Have a gorgeous week and many thanks again.



  1. congratulations winners..... wish it was me.. hehehe.... So glad to hear that your new passion is toadstools..... yeah.... its mine too. cant wait to see your new ideas. x

  2. Oh my gosh, so excited, how wonderful :) Thank you so much Jo!!!! xxxxxx